April 16, 2019: the first meeting intended to launch a project at TalTech

14. October 2019

Top experts from research institutions from Estonia, Russia and Finland contribute to the project – Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Russian Academy of Sciences Center for Research and Ecological Protection in St. Petersburg (SRCES RAS), Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Zoology (ZIN RAS) and as associated partner – Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The study area of the project is the Eastern Gulf of Finland (in Estonia – starting from the Kunda Bay). The main end-users of the results are the state (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Rural Affairs), private companies (e.g. sewage and landfill operators, port operators, tourism operators, etc.) and local authorities (responsible for implementing environmental policy at the local level). Information about the problem and the results of the project will be presented to the general public at various public events and seminars.