The overall objective of the project is adaptation and implementation of uniform biological indicators for assessment and control of environmental quality in the eastern GoF.

The knowledge obtained in the frame of different previous independent and collaborative initiatives in the Baltic Sea region will be acknowledged and assessed/adapted for eastern GoF area. The main outputs of the project are the standard approach and strategies for transnational monitoring and assessment of emerging chemicals and harmful substances (HS) and their effects in the programme area and whole GoF.

Activities of the project include:

I. The compilation of available data in Russia and Estonia and collection of additional data from hotspot areas in regard to the HS to evaluate the status of the GoF environment and assess the potential impact on the benthic organisms;

II. The study of priority substances included in the HELCOM Core Indicators list and pharmaceuticals considering their presence in the marine environment and estimating their impact on the biological processes of the key species of the eastern GoF;

III. Modelling of the potential distribution of HS from different sources;

IV. Selection of most sensitive indicator species and biomarkers to develop the recommendations for regional (GoF) monitoring programme.