Fieldwork in 2021: Caging experiments with mussels

1. October 2021

August and September 2021 were devoted to intensive fieldwork in the coastal waters of Estonia. TalTech researchers collected mussels (Mytilus trossulus) from the Väinameri Archipelago Sea for translocation experiments in the eastern Gulf of Finland.

Collection of the mussels in Väinameri (Estonia).

Afterward, when mussels were ready, the experimental cages were deployed in the field. Different parameters will be observed in those benthic filter-feeding invertebrates. Biochemical changes at the level of organism or “biomarkers” of a health state will be assessed along with classical chemical analyses of hazardous substances such as trace metals or persistent organic pollutants, while in the collaboration within JPI Oceans Response the accumulation of microplastic will be checked as well.

Photo of the cage installed during the exposure study.